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Our Features


System Summary

FXCubic Bridge System: Independent 64-bit application communicating with MetaTrader 4/5 through lightweight server plugin/gateway.

• Low-latency trade processing, can handle thousands of trades in parallel

• Multiple liquidity providers in parallel using FIX and API

• HTML5 User Interface for desktop and mobile devices

• Instant changes without the need of a restart on the system

Execution Rule Matrix

• Micro detail visual rule engine with unlimited amount of rules

• Conditions and actions mapped and prioritized visually by the client

• Condition variables: Accounts, Groups, Symbols, Order Side/Size/Type, Account NOP, Total order size over time period, Network Address, Scalper status flag, platform flags for mobile, web, signal etc.

• Executable actions: Order handler, Order routing, Slippage preferences, MT4 commission override, Copy trade

• Custom variables can be used within rule engine, configurable through FXCubic API

• MQL integration ready for custom variable

Synthetic Symbols

• Create new symbols that don’t exist in your provider, through using the combinations of existing symbols in your system

• Option to execute all legs of the symbol at the same time or with respect to a sequence

• Small quantities are collected as residual positions until they reach the minimum tradable size

• Quantity Multiplier to use conversion coefficients or create your own symbol formulas

• Risk management through closing the unwanted legs’ positions inside book/LP shadow account


• Built-in aggregation engine using market depth data to split orders to multiple providers in parallel

• VWAP aggregation for the given size

• Separate priority pricing mode, providers ranked by the broker

• Active-Active liquidity provider backup

• Bid and offer configuration separately for every symbol (aggregation, priority, last tick and others)

• Option to receive pricing from an LP while executing the orders on another LP

Scheduled Configuration

• Automatic bridge configuration for preselected time periods

• Change all settings automatically including spreads, markups, execution rules and other settings

• React to unexpected circumstances through instant configuration changes without the need of a restart on the system

Detailed Execution Analysis

• Transparent execution, showing every single detail

• Easy access to order & price details

• Individual FIX order logs directly available from the GUI

• Adjustable real-time LP and platform execution price analysis

Execution Quality

• Multi liquidity provider setup with active-active backup for continuous price flow and execution

• Quote lifetime feature and latency guarantee up to date quotes for broker

• MetaTrader quote inputs continuously monitored for stale quotes

• Order rejection handling, resend with order type override

• Routing orders of specific clients to preferred LP

Other Built-in Modules

• Tradeable B-Book and Coverage Metatrader Risk Accounts

• Trade Monitor with customizable widgets and alerts

• Through a White Label Omnibus account, monitor WL’s positions and check their total balance/margin

• Warning notification and email system

• Reverse and forward copy trading inside bridge

• Mapping excessive number of symbols at one go through CSV (Excel) file

• Export all your symbol and rule configurations as an excel file

• FIX Server to create outgoing FIX API connections where your broker is the maker to other institutions